I'm a scientist trying to start a kindness revolution in my spare time.  In a world where vulnerability is rare and compassion is endangered, I present a simple yet hugely inspiring solution in my TEDx called, "What if kindness was cool?" 

My presentations integrate spoken word poetry, philosophical hypotheticals, soapbox rants, and pure heart.  My intention is to help people feel more alive.  This spoken word poetry piece is called, "This is how I want to be loved."

I believe I can make a valuable contribution to your community/company, not merely by promoting events but also by participating in them.  Here are two ideas I believe can add value, spread some good, and entertain a few folks for a little while:

1.  A seminar/talk/workshop about 'how to make kindness cool'

This presentation would be an adaptation of my TEDx talk (please click the image above to watch it), informing the audience about my mission to start a kindness revolution, describing how one person can make a positive difference in the world, and inspiring them to do the same.  I'll suggest strategic tips and pragmatic approaches to build community, consciousness, and a more pronounced and profound authentic expression into the world around us.

Here's a few recent comments from audience member who have seen my presentations:

"You crushed it!  Thank you for sharing your heart with us."

"I thought your talk was amazing.  You definitely lit a fire in me!"

"Thank you for sharing your story. I was truly inspired by what you are doing and know firsthand the difference it can make in someone's day.  So, thank you for your kindness revolution.  It matters, it is important, and it works. I am proof that a small gesture like that can change the trajectory of your day. Such an inspiring weekend. Thanks for the part you played in it."

"I just wanted to say that for the first speaker, the energy you brought was out of this world.  I am humbled each day because every time I think to slow down, step out of the stress, and begin with love, kindness, and light, I can find days which are harder to do so than others.  This is being human, yet the transformation begins when we let ourselves know that kindness, love, connection, the empathy, and everything in between is what makes the world sweet.  I appreciated hearing the assumption that everyone is struggling and doing the best they can as well as being kind to someone when they're hurting takes bravery.  I'm going to try to send more kindness and love out into the world! :) "

2.  A seminar/talk/workshop on healthy habit formation:

I've spent the past four years pursuing a PhD in behavioral science, focusing specifically on how our attitudes influence our actions, why habits form, and how we can design our lives to positively impact the world around us.  I've presented this work at international retreats, conferences, and in online workshops, and would be happy to build and/or adapt a program that highlights how participants can easily, effectively, and joyfully create lasting lifestyle changes.

Spitting kind-hearted affirmations with attitude since 2010.