Do you need a safe space to feel brave, empowered, and excited to evolve and expand? 

Are you looking for healthy encouragement as you develop a fuller, more profound, and pronounced relationship with all aspects of your life? 

Do you want someone to see and support the very best in you, even when you feel dull and confused, murky and missing in action? 

That’s okay.  You're in the right place. 

We all struggle with doubt, fear, and feelings of not being enough, knowing enough, or having enough time, skills, and abilities. Everyone suffers.  We all ache for better days. 

Whether you long for assistance with specific goals like writing a book or getting fit, whether you want to explore and overcome feelings of fear or overwhelm, whether you are looking for new ways to establish rituals, dedication, and discipline, I got your back.

I’m your champion, and I believe you are powerful beyond measure. I believe you have the choice to create your dream life, project, or opportunity. Most importantly, I believe that you are worthy of what your heart desires. 

© 2016 Maria Font Photography

© 2016 Maria Font Photography

I know the dark calls to you sometimes, that you turn your face from the light. I know you walk down roads you know you shouldn’t, walk into places your heart is gently urging you not to. I know you see your habits and long to change them. I know you are tired of your worn out ways of being, tired of reliving patterns and choosing painful choices. I know you feel hollow at times, like life is escaping you, dancing in front of you but out of your reach somehow. I know it hurts to live in the disconnect between what you are currently experiencing and what you know exists outside of you, beautifully, without effort.
— Sarah Blondin




One 60-minute coaching call about the topic of your choice.  Let's get started on a plan of attack to help kick-start some action.  I'll help you dream big and we'll figure out how you can expand into new beliefs, projects, and passions. 



A set of three 60-minute calls, scheduled 1-2 weeks apart.  I'll help you get ready for each call using personalized prompts, and we'll work through your challenges in a safe, honest, and fun chat about progress, process, and what's next!



Ten calls focused on clarifying your obstacles, discussing your doubts, and developing innovative and effective tools, rituals, and routines to specifically guide YOU towards a beautiful and fun-filled future.


Let’s embark on a journey of growth together, clarify your vision, respect your truth, and empower your esteem. Let’s create a focused, dynamic, ever-evolving and expanding relationship with fear, choice, and confidence. Let me hold you accountable, offer you tough love, pep talks, questions, and suggestions. Let's create a world that feels good and a life that feels right, whole, and true. 

Let’s work together to create healthy habits and rituals, redecorate your life with more passion and purpose, and help you holistically reclaim your power. 

Also, here are a few testimonials that describe what it's like to work with me.  These are quotes from recent clients, just like you:

"I hung up and tears started flowing. I felt relieved, comforted, sad, ashamed, inspired, alive, and scared. During our call we skipped the bullshit and dove right in, and before I knew it I was giving him a glimpse of my self-doubts, heartaches, and fears. For the first time in my life, another person looked at me right in the eye and – without an ounce of judgement, criticism, or shame – asked me blatantly, “Do you love yourself?” A stranger, with honest eyes and a curiously loving grin, asked me this question as if genuinely mirroring my own pleading internal voice. He brought a voice to my heart that I had been ignoring. He forced me to listen to it. So that’s what I plan to do, onward to toward the light and love and wholeness that await me..."

"Had I not connected with you, had the coaching session, and then ultimately the vulnerability work in my journaling, I would not have been able to do what I accomplished these past few days. My gratitude to you is never-ending! You helped me hit a turning point on my journey."

"When I say you helped me save my life, I mean it with all of the conviction I can. You helped me undo past damage and sent me forward with new perspectives that have helped me change my life. You guided me to my own truths and answers without judgment. You have empowered me to rewrite my story."

"This process and all this personal growth has been the most amazing and important journey I have ever been on! From being broken and lost in March, to the self-aware, no bullshit, ready-for-it-all me now in December would not have been possible without you!"

Please note that the average client invests between $1,000 and $4,000. If you are only kind of interested, or not yet ready to invest in yourself at this level, we are not quite ready to connect. But that’s okay. Please do stay in touch, and also find the variety of free content I put out on my podcast, the articles I write, and my Instagram account.

If you are ready and willing to explore, to learn, and to grow into the person that, deep down, you know you were born to become, then fill out the application below and let’s chat!

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