Face your fears: Dare yourself.

I love this image so much that I’m going to go ahead and break it down into easily digestible, profanity-riddled chunks.

Big life change?

Fuck Big. In reality, Big is an intimidating misconception. The idea of Big changeevokes fear, anxiety, and hard work, all things we tend to avoid. Rather, think small. Want to lose weight? Exercise one minute more than yesterday. Want to get more done? Wake up one minute earlier than yesterday.

Small actions, done with ferocious determination and an unwavering commitment, will change your life.

Small life changes are the real Big life changes.


Fuck Scary. Life is a haunted house, and fear is a badge of honor to be sought out at every opportunity. If you’re not terrified, intimated and challenged on a regular basis, you are not growing. Do you know what happens to things that don’t grow? They get overlooked, they shrink, and they wither away.

Scary is a steroid for your soul. Scary is strength.

Find some fear as soon as possible and watch the personal evolution that unfolds inside you.

I dare you.


Fuck RegretFuck Regret and everything that goes with it — the worry, the guilt, the sadness and the pain. Regretmeans living in the past. Regret instills sorrow and sadness. Regret is poison-flavored helplessness. Avoid it at all costs. Instead, focus on the here and now. Focus on the present.

Focus on getting better and smarter and stronger, so that you make better decisions today and fewer Regrets tomorrow.

Focus on improving what you can change rather than dwelling on what you cannot.

In conclusion, fuck big, scary Regrets.

Go live yourself a beautiful life.

Jeremy Goldberg