In honor of my Facebook page somehow garnering 5,000 likes, I’m giving away free money.


As you know, and as was blatantly obvious in that rant of mine from last week, I want things to be better, I want people to be happier, and I want a world that respects and demands kindness. Those ideals guide what I try and do with Long Distance Love Bombs, including the articles I write and the posts I share. It’s also what I try and do with the life I live.


A brief update

2014-09-28 16.35.51

Sorry, blog, but I’ve been cheating on you with Facebook and Instagram.  My apologies.

So much has happened lately.

I wrote an article about five potent conversation-starting questions, I wrote an article about new rules for new manhood on an awesome site called The Good Men Project, and I wrote an article about a dozen things a woman told me that changed my life.

What else?

Oh, I got turned into a cartoon for an upcoming Long Distance Love Bombs documentary that will air online at the ABC.

2014-09-28 16.35.51


To Typewriter or Not?

I follow a lot of poets and writers on Instagram and it seems like everyone loves typewriters. I was intrigued by this and managed to convince my friend, Shona, to create a few example prints for me. (Thanks, Shona!)What do you think of these?>

If I was to make more of them, perhaps in a different shape, size or color, or maybe with a different quote, is this something that you may be interested in owning or gifting to someone? If you have any ideas or opinions, please do let me know!

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