LDLB Road Trip Chronicles: Episode One

I’ve arrived in Los Angeles, bought a van, and am getting prepared to hit the road. The plan is to have adventures, meet new people, give a few public talks, speak to schools, connect with inspiring souls, spread some kindness, and document everything on my new YouTube channel. The first episode is now online!


I was running an errand in a retail store yesterday, and while I was at the cash register, I struck up a conversation with the cashier.

“Anything new and exciting?” I asked.

She gave a knee-jerk response, “Not really.”

I persisted, “Really? Nothing new or exciting going on?”

She looked at me, and I felt our eye contact crack her.

“Well, it’s not something you’d probably consider exciting, but it’s something new. I talked to my brother this morning and he told me his cancer is back…. That’ll be $6.75”, she said, as she snapped back into work mode.