© 2016 Pete Longworth Photography

© 2016 Pete Longworth Photography

I'm a wordsmith.  I love crafting sentences, choosing verbs, and pouring my heart on to paper.  Writing remains one of the most powerful and transformational parts of my life, and I'm keen to share my craft.  Here are two ideas I could contribute to a retreat, workshop, or event:

1.  An interactive installation/workshop

My work involves the promotion of tangible actions to affect positive change.  I create 'love bombs', small handwritten notes of encouragement and inspiration left in public places for strangers to find.  I hide them everywhere - under windshield wipers, on buses, in restaurants and libraries...  I could create a small installation or workshop where people can make their own love bombs and then leave them in public places.  Directly involving people in creating the change they wish to see instills a sense of pride and ownership, building momentum towards a brighter, more hopeful future.  That can start with you.

2.  A writing workshop:

I write every day, have published online at many websites, including The Huffington Post, Thought Catalog, Rebelle Society, and Elephant Journal, and have contributed to online writing courses.  I'd be happy to lead a workshop helping people to find their voice, express their true selves, and transform pain into fuel for a brighter future.