JANNE ROBINSON (@jannerobinson)

“Jeremy shoots from the hip. His poems always contain the sweet spot somewhere between realism and romanticism. There’s no fluffy stuff, if you’re afraid of crass – move over, the rest of us will have a second cup. I think artists can sometimes forget that we can all do well, but Jeremy doesn’t forget that – he’s supportive and encouraging and collectively rooting for the ones with pens beside him and the humans roaming this earth. I like writing more then I like reading, and I read him often.”


TARA CAETANO (@taracaetano)

“With pure authenticity, gutsy determination and a heart of gold, Jeremy has one fierce hunger for instigating transformational change and spreading love wild and free through a world that is plagued with fear and judgement. His infectious energy and open heart is magnetising and you can’t help but want to soak up every word and be a part of the incredible movement he is creating. Long Distance Love Bombs is not only the birthplace of a dream to make kindness cool, but is also the space bringing together a worldwide community of dreamers, movers and shakers who vow to live each day like they mean it and encourage others to do the same. He is a constant source of inspiration for me and I am forever grateful that our paths crossed.”


Connor Beaton (@mantalks)

"Jeremy is a rock star with words. There is a reason why he has such a passionate and engaged community… because he gives a shit and he gets YOU. He really listens to people and he has taken the time to understand love. His words always manage to connect with a truth about love and relationships that many people miss."

MARK GROVES (@createthelove)

“I love Long Distance Love Bombs because Jeremy is creating and doing epic things and it’s consistently clear in his content. Thank you, Jeremy, for being an inspiration for me and the work I create, too. There’s not a day that goes by that you don’t share brilliance (and humour) with the world. Through your work and your life you are making and creating a better earth, one filled with love and laughter.”



“I’ve been blessed with an incredible opportunity to work with Jeremy, the creator of Long Distance Love Bombs. Any time I can join up with another firestarter, I’m all over it! But Jeremy has his own style and way of doing things that sets him apart from the rest. You can hear his heart for the world in his writing. His heart, dedication and consistency truly inspire me. He’s touching lives and making some major waves in the world through his gifts and talents. He’s the definition of living without limits.”



“Vulnerability connects us, and Jeremy shows everyone vulnerability; he is real; he shows the fuck up.  People love Jeremy for being himself, helping them to understand themselves in the process,  and allowing them to show up more in their lives as their real selves too. He is courageously carving a pathway for men to be emotionally expressive.”


DANIELLE DOBY (@iamhertribe)

“Fusing poetry, passion and purpose, Jeremy is elevating the world and pushing the limits in the name of love. Long Distance Love Bombs is full of soul tingling truths that promote a daily realignment with yourself and your heart’s desire. What could be better?”


PADHIA AVOCADO (@unfukyourself)

"Jeremy is one of those rare people who come into your life in unexpected ways and magically deliver whatever message it was you didn’t even know you were needing. He is truly a beautiful soul, an inspiration, and a bright spot in this world that stands out like a warm meadow full of surprises and delights in an oversaturated forest of generic internet prose.  He isn’t trying to be anyone or anything at all.  He simply shares himself and his reflections from his adventures, spreading whatever bit of brightness has come to him that day. Seemingly effortlessly, he has mastered the art of balancing a masculine voice with gentle soul -  simplicity, creativity, and powerful maximum impact all wrapped up with a big loving bow."  


When I have shitty days and I don't want to write or work and quitting sounds fun, I read the comments below from my readers and I keep going. 

It's important we help each other keep going...

"When I feel totally depleted by life, and I can't find the ripcord, I come here, on your page, and through tears, read your words, trying to hang on just another 24 hours. Thank you for packing my parachute." - RM

"There are people in this world who say, "One person cannot possibly make a difference." Those people obviously haven't met YOU! So if the day ever comes when you're feeling either unimportant, jaded, world-weary or just plain tired of it all, you need to know that you matter. You matter to so many people, including me now, so please keep writing. Keep loving. Stay excited. Explore the world and the good, kind, beautiful people in it. You changed a life today, and I am so grateful." - JF

“I just wanted to say thanks again. I never would have gotten through the last year without you.” - LC

"I just ask that you keep doing what you are doing. You may not hear it. You may not know it. But you are truly helping people. I alone have many stories to tell.  Your words have helped heal hardships and fuel adventures (so many adventures). "Fuck it. Go anyway" led me on my walkabout. I needed it to be hard. I needed the struggle. I needed to learn to self-preserve and it was wonderful." - SL 

"I've got the worst depression. I get riddled with fear. I've witnessed loss. I was ready to throw in the towel until I saw your page. And I'm not trying to say any sort of sob story, I'm just being honest. People underestimate the power of words, the ability to read something and realize how you could see something you never saw before, or feel something you never felt. Thank you." - AG

"Your article was posted in a group and I loved it so I had to Google you and have spent the last three hours devouring your work and your TEDx talk was so inspirational.  I shared it with all my followers!  You have no idea what you did for me tonight.  Really.  Thank you, Jeremy.  I'm crying as I write this.  You helped me big tonight." - RC

"I applaud what you have set out to do, words turn me inside out, they allow me to feel my life." - AG

"Thank you, dear friend, for even when you don't know it, you make people smile..." - LF

"You're an inspiration.  It's refreshing to see that there are people out there who experience life the same way that I do.  That I'm not the only hopeless optimist who wants to change the world with kindness and gratitude. People tell me I'm nairve, that there's no point, it's only a small drop in a large bucket.  But if that drop helps one person, then I've done my job.  Thank you for sharing my ideology on this.  It's a unique connection to have, reading someone's words and feeling more bonded with them, a person you're on the other side of the world from and whose path you'll likely never cross, than the person you share a life with who is laying in bed next to you.  Thank you for this eye-opening experience, and for being you." - KE

"I think what you are doing is truly amazing!!!  You totally made me cry....because what you say is so true and real......not many people have the courage to be that vulnerable. I have always believed in the goodness of people even when they choose not to be good....some people might call me crazy but I still believe. I would like to help you spread your message of kindness......I'm not sure exactly how to help right this minute but I truly think what you are trying to accomplish and have already accomplished is totally fucking world changing shit.....thank you for being an inspiration!!!" - JS 

"I love your love-bombing-marine-biologist-spoken-word-wiseass-smile awesomeness, and I'm so heartened that there are men in the world like you." - CL

"I just wanted to tell you that your posts helped me through probably the toughest year of my life last year.  After a struggle of about 20 years, I'm finally starting to 'shine like a motherfucker' again.  Just wanted to say thank you and to keep up the good work! You're making a difference." - AM

"At risk of feeling like a creeper, I need to tell you that you are a goddamn contagious carrier of motherfucking bliss. When my heart has been sad lately or I feel alone, I read something you've written and it doesn't hurt as much anymore. Never stop. The world needs you." - KV

"Thank you for your page, your heart, your words...You string sentences like they're delicate garden lights and just set the whole place aglow. So beautiful." - AC

"Thank you so much for your continued inspiration and dedication. I'm a huge believer in the BIG power of small actions, and I think what you're doing is so simple and meaningful it's revolutionary. Keep it up!" - ML

"Thank you for all of the inspiration and gentle slaps up side of my head. Your words are perfect every time I see them." - LS

"I cannot thank you enough for the words you shared with my kids. When my husband read them he wondered how much I'd told you about them. When I told him that you knew nothing about the kids he was amazed because it was as if you did know them. I wish I could describe what an impact your spirit has on our lives. You see our son has turned his life around and is heading in the right direction. He is a fine young man and my heart swells with pride and tears fill my eyes as I think about how far he has come. Your words are so powerful and speak to his story and the path ahead. Our daughter, albeit young, is learning how to establish healthy boundaries and love herself first. Again, your truth reaches the darkest places of her journey and creates light for her future. More pride and tears from me. You are a shiny, mind-altering soul and I love you for bringing such beauty to my family." - DB

"The thing is, when you go through some shit, and you lose your voice in your world and a hibernation of sorts starts to set in, and then you finally connect to beautiful words that charge something back up in your body that you haven't felt in months, well, it's easy to be on your cheer squad. For reals.  You are a powerful force of nature that reminds me daily to stretch my world and my perception on what is possible. Yeah. Some heavy shit.  So when I said that you were my hero in that moment, you absolutely were. Your energy is magical. You're doing amazing fucking things in this world, Jeremy, and all I know is that I'm so glad I get to be witness to it.  So whatever I have to do to support your cause, I'm right behind you. So many of us are. Way to fucking OWN it. To challenge us and inspire us, make us laugh and remind us constantly that this world was meant to be filled up with fierce love. Yes. Yes to all of that." - JD

"Thank you! I appreciate what you're putting out there & the energy you're cultivating here in this world. There is nothing that I can use more at any given moment that a love bomb ... long distance or local, either way. I am actively searching for more ways to really (really!) enjoy every day & to experience the realness of life as fucking much as possible. So when I come across someone like you, who is sharing your process of love & happiness with the world ... I can't even tell you how lovely this is." - JS

"I love you. It's funny to say that because I don't know you at all, but I love the way you let strangers see pieces of your soul. It is so rare these days and therefore so wonderful. So I allow myself to say and feel that I love you for who you are, what you represent and where you're heading. Please keep doing what you're doing because you give hope and strength and courage to so many people!" - NR

" I want to reinforce and tell the world how fucking awesome your writing is!!!!! Your words are caring and direct. Blissfully irreverent. Hits our (followers and readers) spots all at the same time no matter what. You get an "aha" moment, or a "holy fuck" moment or you just feel a smile crawl across your face and then you're laughing. Or you feel those words in your heart. I absolutely love everything you write about. I make no apology. I just fucking love Long Distance Love Bombs." - CS

"We don't actually know one another...but I love you and you're one of my favorite humans. Your existence makes me happy. Just sayin'." - AT

"You are the bomb, even when you don't feel it. You are a shining light of transparent brilliance in this world of *look at me all sparkly and shiny and happy* bullshit" - SR

"Thank you for being authentic and heart-centered in a world that is not often very supportive of those qualities...especially in males. By sharing yourself, you hold up a gigantic mirror and make it safe for us to "feel the feels" as well. Shine on you crazy diamond. You are rare and true and beautiful...and deserving of wonderful things." - LG

"You, my friend, are one hell of a beautiful soul." - SM

"I know that you and your cause have made me smile and I've been more compassionate to my fellow man, and that's all you. So, my friend, you have succeeded, if by no other than one person. You are beautiful and amazing and I'm grateful to have found you." - BGC

"Thank you for being brave and being real.  It gives the rest of us nutbags a little bit of courage." - MO

"Meeting you was like recognising a part of myself... yes, I'd sent you a few thousand silent thank you's because I feel your words give light & offer road signs to help change life for the better or to help make better sense of life! So instead of that I'm never meeting you, the universe...random chance...synchronicity... But I guess it was like meeting someone you're a huge fan of and not knowing what to do or how to be yourself! Anyway...truthfully & realistically all I wanted to say to you Jeremy is that you are an inspiration to me...your words became the voice I heard in the dark...& to actually meet you was like discovering that magic is real... you were the word maker who had shone rays of light into the dark while I was searching for my way home..." - KD

"Thank you for all that you do to make this world a better place and for inspiring me throughout my walk here." - DG

"Love your page and all your quotes they help me so much. Thank you!" - MF

"In case no one has told you today - thank you for every single act of kindness you have done and will do - especially the ones no one knows about. And thank you for all the work you've done to get yourself to the space where that's not too hard to manage effectively. You're an inspiration to me, and I love you!" - BC

"Going through some different yet necessary changes right now, and your words are like an echo of what's in my heart. Thank you. You are amazing." - NLG

"You contribute hope to my days that for this moment in time are lost in my grief... Thank you for giving me something to hold on to. I know the waves will settle and life will go on but in the interim your page is lighting the way. With gratitude." - AC

"I must say I read your posts religiously, every day, and your deep profound thoughts do make a difference and make me think about how I could be stronger and more resilient.  And more courageous. You have the most beautiful gift and I thank you again wholeheartedly for sharing those amazing and sparkly parts of who you are. I can't thank you enough actually and I'm sure many, many people out there feel the same. Keep shining, you beautiful person, you." - TW

"It is so rare to find a genuine person such as yourself, who sees the best in others no matter what and shines light in a world that often feels dark. I think I can speak for many when I say that the words you write feel like they were written for each of us individually. When I am having a hard day, I come here, because your words are what help all the little broken bits fit back together, and feeling like someone has experienced what I'm experiencing makes the loneliness feel that much more insignificant. You are single-handedly one of the kindest people I know." - SC

"You have no fucking idea how much I needed this.  You just helped me more than you know with those words.  It's the kick in the ass that I needed, so badly.  Let's do this!!!!!!  I'm ready to stop existing and feeling sorry for myself, and start living.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - KG

"I absolutely LOVE how I feel every emotion in each piece you write. There's not one poem I haven't liked. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world!! Today has been rough, viewing your work is like therapy, to me. Once again, 1,000 times thank you! Appreciate you!" - KA

"I set out tonight to write and tell you that I felt more alive the last couple of weeks than I have in years. Thank you, Jeremy, for "waking me up" and showing me a way. For helping me understand that I CAN do this work and that I WILL make a difference." - SMS

"I adore your words and your work. Thank goodness I found your page. It helps me get through the shitty days." - TB

"I met you last year, and I have kept up with you ever since. Your lust for life is infectious; You make me want to dance with strangers to music I've never heard." - MW

"My class watched a video of you talking about spreading love bombs around to total strangers, which is an awesome idea and you are really inspiring and give people a different perspective on life and how we should live.  Love love love this idea, and thank you for inspiring me to make someone's day a little bit better." - CR

"I instantly connected with your writing, the style and heart behind it, but it's been a beautiful thing to watch you grow and evolve in the pure essence of your vulnerability and unique voice.  I've loved watching your vulnerability grow." - RL

"Very often your words resonate loudly.  Thank you for eloquently wording what I'm thinking and feeling." - YJ

"You are one inspirational being. I finally watched your TEDx talk and was captivated by you from start to finish. It was absolutely brilliant. You are brilliant. You walk the talk, you ooze passion from within and you are such a bright light of kindness and compassion. Thank you, Jeremy, for starting change that is needed in this world. You make a difference. I am grateful for all of your struggles and other bad shit that happens to us all. It has certainly made you the wonderful man that you are. You have succeeded in making kindness cool. Well fucking done." - JG

"Thank you for giving your time into hope, love and kindness. Your words describe everything I have ever felt growing up into this world. I have felt hurt so much because I love so deep. And when I smile, talk to a stranger, help friends and family and befriend the lonely kid, it makes me feel alive and warm inside. Then it begins to grow and flourish in others as I pass it on. I know you've got that same warmth glowing too. Sometimes that little light dulls but I know it comes back shining. I too, dream of that world of kindness. Where soldiers are not war heroes of destruction, sacrifice and loss. But saviours of love, restoration and peace. While we feel disconnect, it's the act of selflessness that brings us back together. Your talk brought me to tears because now I know I'm not alone in feeling this brilliant little warmth bubbling away in me. Sorry for the long msg but I really wanted to say you're pretty fucking awesome and keep doing what you do." - AO

"YOU FREAKIN' ROCK, my friend!! What an amazing soul you are and I am so grateful for people like you in our world. We are very blessed!" - AS

"A wayshower, a leader and a gentleman. Thank you for leading by example." - AN

"You inspire me so greatly! Thank you!!" - CH

"Thank you for boldness, honesty, and taking so many along for the ride!  Love what you are and what you do." - NN

"I've never said this to anyone, but Bless You." - XD

"I think the point is to live your words, regardless, and I don't know of anyone who does that better than you Jeremy, you are a role model I am eternally grateful for." - KF

"You make my heart believe that there is goodness and light in the smallest act of kindness, and one day this won't be a rarity but how the world works." - LH

"Thank you for existing, and for doing all the work you've done to bolster the case for kindness and compassion. Even on days when it's hard to be you, the impression you made on other days was strong enough to last. Thanks for doing that." - BC

"You rock me to the core every time I read your posts.... you make me think make me think way beyond what could possibly be comfortable.....and that is a good thing...a very good thing ...thank you, Jeremy ....keep posting ...You are changing people's worlds." - IH

"You truly are an inspiration to so many people and have touched so many lives. I love reading your fb. Your posts brings me tears and smiles. Thanks for sharing and keep being awesome. Your a beautiful soul with a huge heart. Wish there was more people like you in this world." - DG

"I'm super stoked that you are so willing to share your thoughts with the world, and that you allowed me to steal them.  Thanks again for what you do, Jeremy, for EVERYTHING you do." - SJ

"You are an incredibly special person and your strength in developing your organization and opening your heart with your writings and talks is making an impact.  I truly appreciate you.  Keep up the great work and take care of yourself--the world needs you." - JD

"Thank you for all the positive energy you're putting into the world. Without people like you, the world would be a dark place." - IR

"You move me to make that difference I crave to make in the world!" - JAF

"You are saving my life right now." - DM

"I've stumbled across your page, and I love it. Your words make me feel I'm not so crazy, I'm not alone in my thoughts." - CL

"Thank you for doing what you do, and making the world a better place to be in." - JL

"On tough days, I deliberately go to your account. I know there I'll find solitude. Thank you!" - GBB

"Thank you, Jeremy! Your candid sharing helps validate so many who are struggling." - KL

"Over this past summer I experienced some very low lows. And in fact I encouraged some of my family to read your writing on Facebook in an effort to reach hearts that I wasn't sure could hear me otherwise. Your writing gave me hope and is a part of my healing now. Sometimes the words thank you feel too small. But know that my heart thanks you and that your writing brings magic and hope to many." - AE

"Hey, you awesome creator of fantastic words making kindness cool! I follow you on Instagram and I just fucking love everything you write! You are a true inspiration.Thanks for sharing your talents." - TM

"You inspire the fuck outta me. Everything you stand for is brilliant and beautiful. I appreciate you being true to you and allowing the rest of us to be ourselves. Way to kick ass, as you. Thanks again. I shall be done rambling now." - KM

"This page, its contents and message - it's just what I needed and just when I need it most. Thank you to the moon for putting this together and doing it with such gusto. You're message has reached me while going through some tough shit (divorce/massive life changes/lots of pain/rebirth) and needed to hear all these things. You do great things.  Keep that shit up." - RF

"I just want you to know that solace in bad times can come from interesting places. I've found a lot of peace and truth and light in much of your writing and the stuff you share on Facebook and Instagram. And I want to thank you. Because you have given me hope." - MNC

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank a gazillion times over....if you knew what I had been going through in a relationship I am was like you pulled some of these words write out of my heart but your words, this beautiful, intensely magical piece, is THE BEST at expressing all my heart would say if I could only say it so eloquently and if I felt at ease enough to do so with this person. It is one of the most beautiful things I read and convinced me that I should never settle for anything less than living fully alive. Thank you." - KB

"I lost hope in humanity for a moment and my spirit was broken but your writings really brought things back into perspective for me. Truly. Thank you." - SS

"Your page is always encouraging. I have been feeling hopeless, lost, exhausted, very unhappy, and alone. I'm missing the joy and happiness that I should be getting out of life and I don't get it.... I'll read your posts to find something that sparks." - MM

"Keep bringing kindness to this world, Jer. I love you for trying." - JM

"I'm thankful for knowing you through LBLD on Facebook and for all you do." - CG

"Thank you again and again. Humanity transcends and the love you deliver thru words is palpable. I appreciate you." - JBR

"I know you've already started a kindness revolution and you've done 1,000 things since then but by enabling me to experience my core truth, you've enabled so many other people to be impacted. I need you to realise the impact of this. I need you to realise your worth. I need you to deeply understand you are here to create massive change. I need you to know this. This is not something I would randomly share with people. You've helped me so much, but I feel on some kind of spiritual level which I don't fully understand yet, that I need to remind you of this." - TA

"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your words. I have been following your writing for some months now, and it has given me some much needed courage and reassurance uring this transitional time in my life." - JR

"I hope you see that your light is stretching so far beyond places you could physically reach. I love to read your work on the days I fall into a happy funk." - AF

"Your raw passion shared fiercely without filters, inspires me to live richer, think deeper, and take the risk to love again by being vulnerable and honest and humanly imperfect, because you make me believe that another imperfect human is waiting to be perfect for me. I'm rediscovering myself and finding new surprises daily as I open my mind to embrace my purpose here. To merely say 'Thank you' isn't adequate, but you know what I mean." - AK

"Your raw, honest, poetic words have gotten me through some rough times. You've inspired me to write and share more, use the word fuck more freely, and to be less shit-scared of following my own dreams. Keep it up! Stoked to be part of your tribe!" - MR

"Thank you for your words, your encouragement. I know you are told often what a difference you make in lives but I don't think one can be completely aware of just how much, how global you have become, how your words have traveled all over the world. Amazing!! I wish you the very best and may you receive the love and encouragement that you so freely give. Just promise me one thing, that you won't stop with your words." - KH

"Just wanted to say thank you - your efforts with LDLB is something I look to regularly, and your handwritten note from when I bought some of your cards is stuck up in my apartment, to remind me of things." - IH

"Thank you so much, your message and inspiration has made my day so much easier to tackle. Never feel alone because you have brought hope through kindness to so many hearts. Thank you." - RBN

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