happn makes magic happen

What if technology could be harnessed to connect us all a bit more than before?

What if you had a second chance at a first encounter? 

What if a coincidence could be relived? 


I often write about fostering community and communication, how we need to reach out and connect to each another, to bring strangers closer, to realise that we’re all in this together.

I often suggest that we’re all uniquely the same and I often daydream about ways of bridging the divide that keeps us all apart.

I don’t use many apps on my phone, and I’ve never written about one before, but this one is rad.

It’s called happn and it’s pretty badass.

Basically, it helps you find the random people you may have crossed paths with each day, turning real-life coincidences into meaningful encounters.

For example, imagine seeing a beautiful soul on the subway one day.  You make eye contact, you smile, and you connect, a brief moment of light to brighten your day, but then, BANG, the subway stops, they get up, and walk out the door.

Who are they?  What is their story?   Where are they going and what could have been?  This is where happn comes in. 


happn gives you the chance to discover and find that person that has caught your eye.  By using the app, you can see who you crossed paths with on any given day, and you can reach out to connect with them.  It connects you to missed connections, putting strangers in touch with each other.

If you’re scared or didn’t dare to talk to someone and are kicking yourself about it, this is your second chance to make it happen.  If you’re looking for that random crush at the gym, this is the way to find him.  If you’re keen to learn more, check it out here.